Ken Amarit

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Co-founder & CTO at KitSplit. Videogames at The Hand Dye Company and Death By Audio Arcade. I like to work with fiber and dye with plants grown in my garden (among other things).

Brooklyn, NYC

Selected Projects:

Nest is a competitive, 2v2 local-multiplayer video game. The characters and world are felted with wool and stop motion animated. Nest is currently in development, but it exists as an arcade cabinet (part of the Death By Audio Arcade collective that was born out of the now defunct music venue of same name in Brooklyn). The cabinet was also felted with wool, and you can read more about it at the Make: Craft blog. You can play Nest at various events and festivals around the US. Learn more about the game here.

Voyager is a game for iOS. The art in the game was made by needle felting wool then stop-motion animated. The code is written in objective-C using the cocos2d library. Voyager has been featured on IGN, Kill Screen, Touch Arcade, and more, and was a part of Maker Faire NYC 2012. The game was an official selection for the Gamercamp Showcase and the Klik! Amsterdam Animation Festival. You can learn more here and download it here.

Learn more on the Make: Craft blog.

The Broken Hearted is a short story graphic novel/comic. 250 copies were printed, numbered, and handed out. You can read it by clicking here.

Saxville and Cow in the City are two early animations written and drawn using a 16-color pack of Crayola crayons.

Selected Press:

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